Hi, I'm Michael Lahey. The website will flourish again soon, I promise! Until then. . .

I'm an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Interactive Design in the Department of Technical Communication & Interactive Design (TCID) at Kennesaw State University. I teach classes on interaction design, how ethnography relates to contemporary design practice, design thinking, and digital culture. I research at the intersection between cultural practice and materialist approaches to design. I am interested in how we might view design as a form of control and wrote a dissertation on some of the ways television companies design experiences with audiences across digital platforms.

I tinker with creative endeavors, many of which are waiting paitently to be displayed again. I'll also occasionally make a mix when I'm burnt out and need to focus on rhythm & melody.

Some other things I like: the NY Mets, NBA basketball (in general but mostly the Hawks & Spurs), Finland, Nordic design, (all the) Danish TV (I've seen), doodling, absurdity, delta waves, the practice of recycling and composting, saying I'm into "less is more" without really knowing what that means, artichokes, space ice cream, and being an out-of-touch musical omnivore.

I'm deeply curious about peoples' tastes and have a 0% aversion to cilantro.

I use instagram, tumblr, and occasionally re-tweet others. If you ever get the feeling, drop me a line!

Curriculum vitae.