A collection of aged out, curmudgeonly anti-streaming, single song mixes I made from tracks found on my external hard drive. The mp3 file will load on a new screen and can be downloaded if you so choose. Enjoy!

Summer Mix 1 (2020) Pandemic moods and time on my hands in two parts.

Summer Mix 2 (2020) Pandemic moods and time on my hands in two parts.

Birthday Mix (2019) Another year around the sun, another mix of songs that make me happy. Enjoy!

Summer Mix (2019) A handful of songs I wanted to listen to while stuck in brutal Atlanta traffic. Enjoy the summer!

French Mix (2019) A love letter to the French music I fell in love with in high school and college when songs like Around The World warped my brain forever.

Birthday Mix (2018) This is a bunch of songs that I enjoy that kinda go together. Enjoy!

Speck 1999 Mix (2018) This mix was a compilation of songs put together by Speck in 1999. I found it on an old minidisc and wanted to share it with the world.

Summer School Mix (2018) This started as a Kraftwerk-inspired mix that morphed into something I wanted to listen to in the car. Also, summer school is over!

Music 1994-2000 (2018) Some tracks I enjoyed a lot in high school and college, focused around a backbone of "trip hop" and related musical genres.

Birthday Mix (2017) featuring Ape School, The Bats, Beastie Boys, Broadcast, The Chills, Cyne (Mexicans w/ Guns rmx), Electrelane, Helado Negro, Morgan Packard, Sebadoh, Stereolab, This Mortal Coil, Uncle Tupelo, The Vaselines, Wagon Christ.

Birthday Mix (2016) featuring A Tribe Called Quest, Alex Bathgate, Ape School, Astrobotnia, Cornelius, De La Soul, Dinosaur Jr., Dog Faced Hermans, Fever Ray (D Lissvik rmx), Julia Brown, King Geedorah, Komeda, Pixies, Róisín Murphy, Roy Orbison, Sun Islanders Steel Orchestra, The The, This Mortal Coil.

Summer Mix (2011) featuring Boogie Down Productions, Bass Junkie, Beyonce, Ciara, Cornelius, De La Soul, Devin the Dude, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Dungeon Family, John Legend, Ke$ha, Luke, MHE, Out Hud, Prince Paul, The Pharcyde, and some tracks I cannot remember.

eMix (2010) featuring Ambar, Barbara Morgenstern & Robert Lippok, Dettinger, DMX Krew (AFX rmx), Dynamix II, Isan, Kraftwerk, Lexaunculpt, Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory, Mouse on Mars, µ-ziq, Plaid, Sébastian Tellier (Metronomy rmx), Phonem, Phoenecia, The Tuss, and some tracks I cannot remember.