Design Work

Opus (2021)

A task management mobile app prototype aimed at helping college students better organize their lives. The goal of this prototype is to encourage realistic assessments of time to complete tasks.

#interaction design
#info architecture
#user research
#content design
An image of an iPhone showing a task list app.

Rand (2019)

A case study imagined as a partnership with the estate of modernist designer Paul Rand. The goal of this prototype is to bring Rand's work to a new generation.

#interaction design
#info architecture
#content design
An image of the Rand prototype inside an iPhone X frame. This image is of the apes Home Screen.

Research Work

I've authored articles and conference proceedings related to design as form of control and interaction design education. If you'd like access to any of the articles, please ask over at mlahey (at) kennesaw (dot) edu!

(Forthcoming) “Loosely Coupled Digital Software: How Do Students Navigate Increasingly Complex Digital Ecosystems in Higher Education?” Teaching and Learning Inquiry.

(Forthcoming) “Navigating complexity: user experience design education, business culture, and the job market transition.” International Journal of Design Education.

“Ethnographic Practice and the Problem of Context in Interaction Design Education.” HCII 2020: Human-Computer Interaction. Design and User Experience. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Copenhagen — virtual, July 19 - 24, 2020) Kurosu M. (eds.). Col 12181. ISBN: 978-0-030-49058-4

“Design Research and the Borrowing of Methodologies.” Dialogue: Conference Proceedings AIGA’s Decipher Conference (Ann Arbor, MI, September 27-30, 2018) Kelly Murdoch-Kitt, Omar Sosa-Tzec (eds.). Volume 2. ISBN: 978-1-60785-640-5

“Competing Agendas: Applying Actor-Network Theory to Design Education.” AIGA DEC Makers Conference (Indianapolis, IN, June 7-19, 2018) Pamela Napier, Aaron Ganci (eds.). ISBN: 978-1-60785-529-3

“Uncovering the importance of soft skills in user interface design-related fields.” (w/ Aaron Ganci) Communication Design: Interdisciplinary and Graphic Design Research. February 2018 (Issue 1-2: 5-20)

“Design as a Form of Soft Control: Television in Digital Spaces.” Design Evolution: Education and Practice (Karachi, Pakistan, February 20-22, 2017). ISBN 978-969-9343-03-2

“The Framing of Value: Television, user-generated content, and interactive involvement.” Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. December 2016 (22: 633-646)

“Invisible Actors: Web application programming interfaces, television, and social media.” Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. August 2016 (22: 426-439)

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